Project Alexander…
Zeroc is providing technical management to the 145m Project Alexander, scheduled to be the first H² powered SuperYacht.
145m Project Alexander
Proof of Concept … Proof of Technology…
Zeroc has partnered with DeBirs to build a series of 26m to 34m hydrogen/fuel-cell powered yachts. These vessels will have an autonomous range of 1000 nautical miles and serve as the nucleus a zero-emission, zero-carbon charter fleet and the first wave in a new revolution of yachting.
Zeroc 26m H²/Fuel Cell Yacht
Zeroc 26m H²/FC Powered Yacht
Green H² Production and Development
Zeroc “Energy Boss”. From the Ulstein styled bow to the Aqua-Libra inspired hydroelectric generators, sending green energy through electrolysis to produce H² sent into the LOHC hydrogeneration solution and then down to ambiant, stabilized storage below decks. ‘Energy Boss’ is the first autonomous green energy producer. Energy Boss will support a 2gW capacity.

Energy Boss is another element in the Zeroc Energy portfolio… another piece of the puzzle we are building to democratize Green Hydrogen as a marine fuel.
Zeroc Energy Boss
Zeroc Energy Boss
Zeroc is producing Green Hydrogen at our 1.3 Mega Watt solar facility in Civitavecchia, Italy. This lab setting in the center of our research and development for renewable energy, H² electrolysis, propulsions systems, and infrastructure applications.
1.3 Mega Watt (roof-top) solar facility in Civitavecchia, Italy
Distribution Infrastructure Development
ATB Bunker Barge…
ATB Bunker Barge
Bunker Ship…
Green H² Production – Bunker Ship
Land Based Green Hydrogen Production…
Solar Powered Green Hydrogen Production Facility
Sea Based Green Hydrogen Production…
Sea Based Autonomous – Solar, Wind, Wave Power, Green Hydrogen Production Facility
H² Marine Propulsion Installation and Retro-Fit…